Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sleeping Ielham..

I was searching for something on the internet and accidentally found this poem. But i did altered it a bitttt. Dedicated to Ielham.

Dear Muhammad Ielham Iskandar,

Sleep now my baby the wind chimes sing.
Hold my love tight in this gold ring.
Sleep now my baby,dreamland awaits you.
Were you visit your friends 'Oooooh' and 'Aaaaah'.
Sleep now my baby as I kiss every toe,
And pray to Allah that I'll see you grow.
Sleep now my baby with your breath on my face.
Your chocolate brown eyes and curls that are ace.
Sleep now my precious prince, my dear,
As I lay by your side stroking your ear.
My life,my heart, my dream come true.
After a life of hardship, Allah gave me you.

p/s: 'Ooooh' and 'Aaaaah', the blue and red monkey at Playhouse Disney Channel!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Last weekend, was so hectic. Especially to Ielham.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

1. Time: 10.30am, Location: Home sweet home

As usual, Ielham pepagi always cergas sana sini. Mummy and Daddy, macam biasa, malas sana sini. Time ni Mummy was having a headache, dengan morning sickness lagi tapi try to prepare for brunch jugak. Daddy was infront of the computer, watching movie. Ielham was cruising along the furniture and tv rack while watching Dibo (boring). Excited, screaming here and there and was having fun, i guess. Suddenly, Ielham tetiba nangis. And mummy recognize that it wasn't the usual cry but it was a painful one. Mummy lari terus ke depan and saw Daddy was picking Ielham up. Ielham memang nangis sampai merah-merah muka. And there, spotted, atas dahi, tetibe ade benjol. And Mummy perasan that, ade garis also, so Mummy and Daddy guessed that itu mesti kena edge of the TV rack. Poor Ielham. Almost 5 minutes crying. Then cranky. At first, Daddy was angry kat Mummy, but then thinking of it, Ielham memang tengah explore sana sini. So, benda tak dijangka. Accident happens. After 1/2 hour, Mummy kasik Ielham tido. Then Mummy pon ternangis skit, but nasib baik Daddy was beside and comforting Mummy.

2. Time: 1.00pm, Location: Home sweet home gak

So, after a long nap, Ielham pon bangun. Already late for his lunch, but Mummy tak sampai hati nak gerak Ielham tadi. So, while Mummy prepraring for lunch Ielham, Daddy tolong tengok-tengokkan. Maybe, because of the late lunch, Ielham was soo hungry, makan pon nak marah-marah. Masa marah-marah tu, Mummy just toleh sekejap untuk pick up air sebelah kerusi Ielham, then tetiba, AGAIN, Ielham jatuh lagi. This time, different stunt. Ielham was sitting on his chair/rocker, agaknya nak capai something kat bawah, then jatuh tersungkur atau lebih tepat tersujud. Ielham bersujud di atas carpet, so berbelang le pulak dahi dier, which is just beside the 1st benjol. Congratz to Mummy again, coz lupe nak buckle up Ielham. Sob sob...uhuks.

Ielham mengadu kesakitan. Terus kurung dalam cot dier after the stunt.

Then, tetiba terus tido. Kepenatan kot.

Kesiannyee. Mcm tengah sakit kepala.

3. Time: 8.oopm, Location: Di luar

This accident pon, but just Daddy bawak Mummy and Ielham berjalan-jalan, sebab the whole day tu boring sesangat. So, we had our dinner somewhere. Thanks Daddy for the dinner (memang dah tunggu lama sangat nak makan situ).

Sunday, 19 April 2009

On Sunday, Mummy and Ielham joined Pakngah & Makngah for a kenduri at Ipoh. Unfortunately, Daddy could not join us, due to some workloads (but end up being at home because of sebab-sebab tertentu). Sampai je rumah Opah sedara Ielham, terus Mummy bawak Ielham duduk. Mummy borak-borak, Ielham pulak duduk sebelah Mummy while watching some kids playing around, lari sana sini. Sekali, Ielham pergi terjah budak-budak tu and AGAINNNNNN tercedera sekali lagi. Ielham terkena penangan Paksu Dib (cousin Mummy) dekat tepi mata. Meraung le Ielham. Yes, it is the 3rd injuries. Lebam sikit sebelah mata, merahh plak tu. Kesian Ielham. Tapi kejap je nangis, after that terus lupa diri.

Tak sempat nak snap pics, sebab sibuk with Ielham and sedara mara yang ramai!

p/s: Exhausted...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

expecting again...

Wah....proses-proses mencuci sawang di blog ini harus dilakukan dengan segera!!Terlalu lama menyepi. Lots of things berlaku... kalau nak bercerita, it's gonna be a longgg post. This month is considered as the last month of GENG! Mummy Ielham will be updating Ielham's GENG roadtour in the next post.

So, one of the higlight for this month is this...

Yes, Ielham will dapat adik soon..Alhamdulillah....Expected to hold our newborn this end of October 2009...InsyaAllah. Thank you for those who had wishes us. THANK YOU!!!

Tengah imagine Ielham doing this to mummy......happynye...

Obviously, mummy will be carrying you like this Ielham along with your little adik inside the womb.....erm...tetiba sedih plak.

Anyway, ni Ielham playing with his Mr. Worm.

Ielham = 8 months old

p/s: Mummy feeling sleepy now.....daa~

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